About Robin

Like most people drawn to this business, I had personal experience handling my mother’s and aunt’s estates in Texas. I had no idea it was even called ‘downsizing’ when I suggested to my mother that we sell her dining room furniture and replace it with a round dinette table and cushioned chairs, as she had recently fallen into a sharp corner. Proverbial table was turned on me when she told a friend of mine that I had sold her dining room set “so that she’d have more room to fall!”. Interesting spin, but true nonetheless.

Before moving to Port Townsend to start this business, I owned a consignment clothing store in Niwot, CO called Rockin’ Robin’s: Retro & Resale. In addition to helping people ‘let go’ of their clothes, I helped a lot of widows/widowers, and adult children whose parent had passed find a home for some of their clothes, in particular, vintage clothing. It was the fact that I accepted vintage clothing that lead a Senior Move Manager to utilize me as a resource for her clients. Until then, I never knew this industry existed.

I was facing my own transition…wanting to sell my store, wanting to leave Colorado and all the snow, and wanting a new career that would allow me to set my own hours. I knew I’d be good at this and wanted to call it Smooth Transitions. Looked up the name, found out I could buy in and thought why re-invent the wheel? So I downsized myself and managed my own move to the Pacific North West.

When I meet new clients, they quickly discover that I have a very outgoing and upbeat personality. I had also done my fair share of performing in my past… stand-up comedy, Murder Mysteries, comedy tour guide in Washington, D.C., comedy traffic school instructor in L.A., professional emcee and, oh yes, rock singer. All of that comes into play when I greet my clients.

If I’m lucky enough to get to work directly with my client, as in they’re still alive and kickin’ and need help downsizing and packing, then I’m there to make the days go by smoothly and with humor. They find they actually look forward to the days I’m coming to help them make tough choices. Many become close friends.

Other clients are often adult children asking me to empty the house after their parent has moved away or has passed. Sometimes they’re here and they need my assistance and help. Other times, they live in another state and hiring me allows them to stay at their jobs and with their families.

No matter what the circumstances, I LOVE being of service to people in stressful times. I’m fast, efficient, resourceful, and almost always smiling. My tag line is to ‘think of Robin as the competent adult daughter you wished lived close by.’