“Robin Abb is my hero, my Moving Angel, and Wonder Woman! She came to a house that was crammed full of STUFF – way too much – and I hadn’t gone through things in years. She knew just who to take things to – an appraiser in Seattle, an auction house in Seattle, a jewelry store owner buyer; she posted things for sale online; she sold collectibles to people who collected them; she organized and ran a huge garage sale; she hauled bags of clothing to various places; she organized and structured what we were both going to do each day; she packed stuff in boxes quickly and professionally; she kept me from being overwhelmed and discouraged. She is totally ethical and conscientious, always watching out for my costs. She is an absolute pleasure to be with and work with. She is worth her weight in gold, and someone I’m proud to call a friend!” – Betty A.

“I would have easily gotten bogged down in the work and only been able to only make a fraction of the pro- gress Robin did. She brings objectivity, sensitivity, and a can-do attitude. Moreover, I found her to be ex- tremely honest and ethical in all financial matters. I can’t recommend Robin highly enough.” – Cynthia O.

“Robin did an amazing job and has always gone beyond the scope the job. My clients can’t say enough nice things about her work and her ethics.” – Jan Garing, Windermere Real Estate Port Townsend

Hiring Robin Abb to help me clear out a large home for an estate sale was one of the best decisions I ever made. Robin is trustworthy, highly capable and cares about people. She works efficiently, knows how to pri- oritize and utilize both tech and community resources to get the job done. Sorting through the belongings of a loved one is never easy. Robin was sensitive to my mood swings and made arduous tasks so much easier. I would not hesitate to hire Robin again. She is truly a gem!” – Liz L.

“Recently, Robin Abb moved me from one location to another. We were under serious time pressure. Robin works extremely fast, yet efficiently. Her work for me was very thorough and organized.

I moved to a much smaller house than I had been living in and therefore had to downsize quite a bit. She got rid of things I was eliminating very efficiently, and made me some money on several items. Since I was moving fairly close to where I was, she packed what I was moving, put the boxes into her van, took them to the new location, unpacked them and put them away—–trip after trip. I only had to use movers for the furniture.

She has a special talent for interior decoration. She thinks of things I would never have thought —all good. When I walked into the house, it was all done; furniture beautifully arranged and everything tastefully in place. What a great feeling to walk into that and not have to unpack boxes and deal with all the rest. I am older and it would have been very difficult for me to deal with all that. She enabled me to make this move as efficiently and easily as a difficult move can possibly be. I feel very fortunate to have been able to obtain her excellent services. – Eleanore L.

“The incredible, amazing Robin Abb came into my life at the recommendation of our real estate agent. My mother had passed away and, as the executor of her will, I was tasked with launching the probate process and preparing her home for sale. For any child dedicated to clearing out a parent’s lifetime of accumulation, it is clearly an overwhelming and emotional endeavor. I had no idea where to even begin and my grief at the loss was in full swing.

My first meeting with Robin was wonderous. She possesses uncanny compassion and understanding of her process, explained her approach in clear and precise detail, and instantly put my fretting to rest. She quickly assessed what was needed, we discussed the professional expectations, and set dates to begin. My schedule was tight. I had only a two-week window but Robin was confident that working together we could sort everything out in that timeline.

One of the most brilliant points of Robin’s menu of solutions was preparing for the online auction. This proved a tremendous aspect as a thousand times more efficient than any yard sale could ever have been. The results were better than could ever be accomplished in the old school way. And I highly recommend this option.

We began in earnest and worked together, starting with the kitchen. Every single item of my mother’s estate was touched, reviewed, sorted, and moved. It was either placed in the auction, sold on Craig’s List, sent to the Goodwill, taken to the dump, or given to interested parties. As one can imagine so many memories were unleashed for me. Many times I burst into tears. Robin remained forever compassionate but gently focused. She blessed me with many hugs when I truly needed them and great bouts of laughter as well. And then we would move on to the next indicated step. Her empathy was the greatest treasure for me and I cannot stress this enough. She assumed nothing and was always respectful of every single item we made decisions for.

As expected and assured, Robin navigated us to the finishing line on time and on budget. She is a consummate professional in her field of unique expertise. I was blown away in the end by the sheer weight of accomplishment. I could never have tackled this task without her skill and I simply cannot recommend Robin enough. She is one of a kind. – Laura Lee MacMahon